Traveling with mindful intention is the foundation of transformational travel.

The Transformational Travel Council defines transformational travel as “intentionally traveling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.” Transformational travel means we step out of our comfort zone and remove binders that keep us within a limited space of exploration and experience.  In addition, we are sensitive to and thoughtfully consider the individuals with whom and environments with which we interact. Conversation and actions honor those we encounter and great value is placed on mutual enrichment.

To be able to receive the rich gifts of transformational travel, we must venture out with an open mind and receiving heart, ready to revel in the joys and just plain fun of accepting challenges and experiencing personal growth.  Allowing ourselves to breathe slowly, deeply, and flow through the discomfort, maybe even fear, and to experience life to the fullest extent possible, provides the opportunity to remove constricting boundaries and flourish.

It begins inside of us – within our minds and hearts – and before we travel.  A deliberate plan to be intentionally receptive to the events of the journey in a way that honors and respects those we encounter, their communities, the Earth, and ourselves, sets the stage for transformational travel. Throughout traveling, accepting in this way provides a wealth of opportunities of new ways of thinking and acting. With thoughtful reflection, our mindset is altered, and this leads to the transformational discovery and change in our actions.

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